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Locals join new effort to reforest Maragoli Hills

The national government, in partnership with Vihiga County and environmental conservation players have embarked on an ambitious project to protect Maragoli Hills Forest. 

Locals are also actively involved in the initiative meant to reclaim the once huge water catchment area.

Communities living around the 1,000-acre forest have in the past been blamed for invading the forest in search of firewood, herbal medicine and fruits. There has been logging, charcoal burning and encroachment as well.

But the communities are now becoming an integral part of the forest restoration programme.

Yesterday, Climate Change Advocates, a conservation group, had a major tree-planting initiative in partnership with Global Peace Foundation and the local community at the Maragoli Hills Forest.

Led by Teddy Warria, the director of Climate Advocates Voices Unidas, the team planted 1,000 indigenous tree seedlings. The reforestation works appear to have attracted many more partners.

“We realised locals were willing to join the campaign to restore the forest and we embarked on planting indigenous trees at Maragoli Hills to enhance forest cover and reclaim the water catchment,” said Warria.

Source: Standard

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