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To better conserve and protect the Maragoli Hills, several strata of action may need to be taken:

  1. Funding for Conservation Programs: Sufficient resources should be allotted to conservation bodies managing the preservation efforts in the Maragoli Hills. This could involve setting up drives to raise funds from the public, corporations, or international organizations.

  2. Community Engagement: Local communities need to be engaged in conservation efforts and educated about the importance of the hills’ ecosystems and biodiversity. Community-led initiatives can be effective in preserving these natural habitats.

  3. Sustainable Tourism: Setting up programs that promote ecotourism could help balance tourism revenue with preserving the natural landscape. This might involve implementing strict guidelines for tourists, including limiting numbers or requiring adherence to certain environmental standards.

  4. Research and Monitoring: Conducting ongoing research and monitoring of the Maragoli Hills’ wildlife, including its endangered species, is crucial. These data can help track the health of the ecosystem and guide efficient conservation efforts.

  5. Government Policies: Authorities can put in place regulations, such as land use policies, to avoid encroachment and overuse of the Maragoli Hills. Laws could also be enacted to protect endangered species living in the region.

  6. Global Awareness: Efforts could be made to enhance global awareness about the Maragoli Hills. This could be achieved through online campaigns, environmental documentaries, collaborations with conservation influencers, or global brands.

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