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Conservation, sustainable forest management, community welfare, and sustainable livelihoods

The Maragoli Hills Community Forest Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dynamic balance between environmental conservation, community welfare, and sustainable forestry in the Maragoli Hills region of Kenya.

Through imbibing a sense of environmental stewardship, they singularly focus on nurturing and conserving the diverse biodiversity present in the Maragoli Hills forest.

Key Activities:

The organization’s primary actions revolve around the conservation of the Maragoli Hills forest. Working directly with local communities, they emphasize the importance of sustainable forest-based livelihoods, driving mutual growth for both the communities and the forests they inhabit.


The association’s mission is two-fold – to achieve robust conservation of the Maragoli Hills forest and its rich biodiversity while simultaneously ensuring community welfare.

The association seeks to promote a culture of environmental stewardship, underscoring the bridges between social justice and environmental responsibility.


The Maragoli Hills Community Forest Association adopts a balanced approach, centralizing both conservation and community in their initiatives. They advocate sustainable management, believing in the importance of people living in harmony with the natural world.

Impact: With their inclusive and sustainable programs, they have created a significant impact on both the local communities and the Maragoli Hills forest, striving to champion an equitable and sustainable world where social justice goes hand in hand with environmental conservation.

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